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Anna & ChenLee meet Allah at School

Anna & ChenLee meet Allah at School

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A captivating journey with Anna, a Shi’a Muslim, and ChenLee, a curious non-believer, within the walls of their school. Through deep dialogue, they unravel the secrets to gaining proximity to Allah, exploring concepts like Hijab, Tawhid, the sacred link between daily prayers and Imam Mahdi, the Ma’rifa of Imam Mahdi, and the unparalleled greatness of Lady Fatima, Imam Hussain, and Arbaeen. Enriched with vivid information, illustrations, and real photos, this true story draws wisdom from the Ahlulbayt, providing an authentic and enlightening exploration of spirituality and faith. This book not only informs but kindles the flames of inspiring a profound connection with the divine, unlocking the mystery behind Imam Mahdi’s occultation for his reappearance.

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Size: 5x7
Pages: 142 (with 18 pages of references)
Cover: soft (with sport UV on text)
Binding: perfect binding
Finish: matt lamination
Age: Teen and up

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